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Wear your intention. Living bracelets by Susan Balaban.



Susan Balaban


     Labradorite, a stone ranked at the top of everyone's list, is named after the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, where it was first mined in the early 18th century. The unique depth of blue color, almost as if lit from within, comes from inter-growths in the rock that separated during temperature changes. These internal growths form many layers which refract light from different depths creating the "otherworldly" blue & green glow. 

     The Inuits believe the Northern Lights are the souls of their ancestors looking down from the spirit world, and the magical colors emanating from the depths of labradorite are the Northern Lights themselves manifesting on earth. In this sense, in this unique stone, the wisdom, guidance and support of their loved ones are always with them, and that's why labradorite is worn and carried to connect us to our psychic abilities, the spirit world of our ancestors, and hidden wisdom and knowledge. 

     Commercially, labradorite is ground up and used in roads and other objects to improve their strength and durability, which is why labradorite is carried or worn to improve one's own inner-strength and determination, and to improve resolve and follow-through. Labradorite is also worn to remind us no matter what is going on in the world, our greatest protection is to remember who we are and live from that place of grounding, compassion and trust. Above all, labradorite is worn to remind us we're spiritual beings first and foremost, and it would serve us well, in challenging times, to remember that; integrity and truth our watchwords.

     For the month of March, all labradorite is 10% off. If you spend more than $200, you'll save 15%.